I used to be an agnostic for Chinese medicine. When everything is going well with your health, there is really no need to learn something that is not mainstream, where its knowledge is hard to find and at times, illogical.
Here is a story of how I became a believer of Chinese medicine. It started when my 9-months old started having high fever. It is scary when baby gets high fever, almost above 40 celcius. You fear that you could lose this previous thing in your life. Paracetamol doesn’t seemed to have any effect on it, and it went on for 5 days. NSAIDs, yeap, I gave him that as well but only on the second time the high fever returned, about a week later. When it returned, I googled “recurrent high fever” and got to know that there are actually kid with recurring high fever that kept coming back and the doctors could not find any solution or explanation for it. That is when I panic. I swear that I will get to the bottom of this and never ever let my boy get recurring high fever again.
I went to a local tcm and was given some herbal medicine for baby. But because he didn’t like it and being first time parent, we panic at the baby with high fever, we dosed him with paracetamol again. TCM medicine was not touched, so I will never know whether that will work or not. Over a month, my poor baby had three bouts of high fever, lasting 5 days each time – the longest 1 month of my life. Anyway, when the final fever breaks, rashes appeared all over his body. We thought it was measles but it turned out to be ‘fake’ measles.
As soon as the first high fever came, I visited a nearby town ‘medium’. We call her ‘shi jie’. She is supposedly able to summon the boddhisatva ‘Kwan Yin’ and has been giving advices to devotees/non devotees for many years. She only does this on the first and 15th of the lunar days. Truth be told, I have been to her for many times prior to this incident and it came to the point where I could not NOT believe in her. It is just unbelievable how she knew certain things from career to properties, health to personnel. But that is a different story for another time.
On my baby, I gave her my baby’s birthdate and time and she looked at her own palms to check his ‘life’ garden (not sure what this means). Immediately she claimed that my baby is very very hot. There is a lot of heat trapped within his body and he will need to rid of this heat over a prolonged period of time. There are no quick ways to eliminate all these heat. She gave a few remedy but one of it, is a herbal drink that involves the combination of ‘jin yin hua’ and ‘gan cao’. For those of you with some knowledge of Chinese herbs, this should sound familiar to you as they are commonly used herbs in tcm treatment. So, I am supposed to feed 2 ounces of this drink (placed the herbs together and put 200-300ml of hot water to brew it) to my baby, once every 10 days. This is to slowly rid the body of the internal heat, trapped deep within his intestine and stomach.
Long story short, this remedy works. I started this in the middle of the month, where my boy was still fighting high fever. But as soon as I fed him, he started to poop very smelly (extremely toxic smelling) feces. And he continued to poop out these feces over the next few months. The high fever never returned (for now) and his daily body temperature is not so high now. Previously, even on normal days, when I touch his hands or legs or neck, it feels slightly hotter than any of us.
The great Boddhisatva has enlightened and spurred me towards the path of tcm. She basically proved to me that tcm works but only if you can get to the right diagnosis. Isn’t this a much clearer answer than what my pediatrician told me when baby had high fever and later rash eruption – “it’s a viral infection with no medicine and no reason on why he got it”