My fiancé is coming to Singapore for the first time next Saturday, so I’m hoping to bring her around Orchard road shopping area. It will be fun for both of us, I’m sure. She has never really been SG & never took MRT before so it will be many firsts for her. A virgin experience. For me, I just enjoyed her company during holidays. I feel relaxed & happy when she’s around me.

So, what is SG really? Well, it’s a small country, made up of an island. I have been working in SG for more than 5 years now, so I do know a bit about this country. SG is an exciting place to come to for holiday, I think. Not so much when you are working here, haha. All my 5 years, I have predominantly stayed around the West & South area. I try to stay near to MRT station for my convenience to go to work. However, houses for rent near to MRT stations are highly-sought after (for the same reason as mine), therefore rental is high & good ones are not easily found. In SG, you will find that the MRT lines are color-coded. It has green line, which transport people from East to West (or vice versa). The red line, which connects the North to South. The purple line (South to Northwest) & orange line (South to central, in a circle). All of these will make more sense when you see the MRT chart.

Places to go in SG include many shopping areas such as Orchard Road, Bugis & Vivocity, the Marina Bay (famous for its casino, the gardens by the bay, merlion by the lake & the SG flyer), Sentosa Island (famous for Universal studios, underwater world, cable cars, genting resort, etc) and the SG Zoo. Where are these places located? Well, Orchard road is sort of in the middle of the SG Island, Marina Bay is at the south of SG & Sentosa Island is on a different island but connected to SG. This is just a brief introduction to some of the famous places in SG. I’m not really good at describing them & if there is any error, please forgive me. As you can tell, I’m not really good at blogging on holiday places. I have been to most, if not all of the places mentioned, just not great at talking about them. W, since we are staying so near to SG, you will have all the time in the world to explore all these places in future.

Of course, how can I talk about SG if I do not talk about its people. Singapore is a very fast-pace country & 80% Chinese-populated. So, to me, it’s a mix of Chinese dynamism plus western materialism, convoluted & in-play. Singapore, like most of the South East Asia countries, are mostly inhabited by Chinese people from the Southern side of China. The clans are mostly Hakka, Hokkien, Cantonese and Foochow. The traits that I noticed about Southern Chinese are that they are much more practical and have a tendency to place less importance on relationship & courtesy. Family ties are at most luke-warm. Friendship will never top practicality such as career & material gains. So, generally, when you reach Singapore, you will feel that people are much less courteous here & idle chat with stranger is a no-no. Also, do bear in mind that Singapore is a small country, thus space is limited. Therefore, if you are here, you must always have that sense of space around you. That meaning, you should always step aside to ensure you are not blocking anyone, when you are on the escalator (always be on the left side), going to the toilet, queuing up at cashier, walking on a pathway, etc. The key is to be considerate. If you are enjoying a slow walk on a pathway in a garden, you will still have to keep a lookout & give way to others whom might want to overtake you. If you do need to ask someone for help, do make it quick & straight to the point. This applies for everything from asking for directions, at a boutique buying clothes & even ordering your food. Singaporeans generally do not tolerate indecisive behavior (especially when you order food) and questions that is answered on the displayed board (you can just read it). At times, it creates a very efficient but a stressful day-out. I always pity first-timers that are alone to SG. They don’t know much but what ‘they don’t know’ is not very well-tolerated by Singaporeans. Damn if you don’t ask any question & damn if you do ask the wrong questions. But don’t worry W, you have your hubby with you…