Ah alas…It has been a while since I last penned my thoughts down. I have been busy preparing my marriage to W. Things have been going well, thank god.

I am keen to explore the topic on how humans actually learn. The process is as my title says – we must always listen first, attempt to understand the logic behind it & we must always do our research. Throughout this process, if we do use our brain (and we are obligated to use it because god created it to be use), we must have questions for us to ask. This is the same process, over & over again in whatever we are learning and it includes everything in this world. I repeat – everything from personal issues such as baking a cake, learning a new language to major issues such as politic & religion. The only time you stop asking questions is the time you have lost interest in the topic.

Now let’s start with politics. Have you heard of these great men – Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong & Joseph Stalin? Each & everyone of them are great dictators, orators and was able to persuade millions to do what they wish, even to the extent of killing others. Adolf Hitler made use of race. He convinced all Germans that they are from the great Aryan race & they should strive to keep their race pure-blood. Aryan race should never mixed with another race & thus all Jews should be exterminated. How does this sound to you? Extremely absurd but the fact is Hitler managed to motivate & convinced the whole Germany to kill the Jews. We are talking about extreme crimes yet the mass approves of doing this. How is this possible?

How about Mao Zedong? After he gained power, he started the ‘Cultural Revolution’ and single-handedly unites every China people by creating one common object to worship – the Communist party. ‘Cultural Revolution’ is a campaign that attempts to destroy all the cultural heritage such as paintings, antique, places of worships & even religions. Yes, religions. During this period of cultural revolution, no one is allowed to pray to Jesus, Buddha, Allah or any other gods you can think of. Everything from bible, crucifixes, Quran and gods statues were confiscated and destroyed. Mao Zedong replaced those with one little red book. His government printed a ‘little red book’ and distributes it to everyone as a replacement to religion. In this red book, it details out what you should do as a citizen of China. Mao Zedong is only short of claiming himself as god because everyone is worshipping his little red book. What can this part of history tells us? With power, anyone can control a country & proclaim himself as god, if he wants to. This was repeated over & over throughout the history of China & all around the world. Many emperors of ancient China attempted to deceived/brain-wash the public into thinking that the emperor is a god, or the son-of-god. Some have successfully done that, while others not so successful.

So, what has this got to do with learning & doing research? Well, I am setting the background in trying to make my point about the learning process. Imagine yourself as one of the Chinese people during the cultural revolution. And Mao proclaims himself as a god. And he launches a series of campaigns & stories about his godly power. Newspapers publishing his miracle stories about him flying & curing people of sickness or receiving revelations. He can also build temples with his statues or established certain praying rituals that everyone must adhere too. It is easier to convince someone when they keep thinking about you or doing a daily routine established by you. With a wide-spread campaign, everyone will slowly start to believe he is a god. Is that not possible? In fact, they are doing it in North Korea right now. The governments are spreading rumors that the current leader, Kim Jong Il was born on top of the mountain & was send to earth by rainbow (I read this somewhere). So, what is the point of this? To make everyone believe you are a god. This is so that it is easier to control everyone. When the whole country believes (or semi-believe) you are a god, they will become submissive (penurut) and it will be very easy to control & manage the country. In fact, you can leave legacy that will last for ages.

So what’s your point? Are you saying that all the gods are made-up? No. I am not an atheist. I believe god exist & the more I study science (for example), I more I am convinced that there must be a higher power that created everything. My point is god, can also be made up. Please open up your mind to that fact. Why is this fact? Because it has happened so many times throughout human history & it will continue to happen now. We live in a modern, digital world. We are now being exposed to a wealth of information that was not available to us before. Remember how it was 10 years ago? We cannot even find a job vacancy online easily. So now, with all these information, we do not have to be a university graduate to be smart/knowledgeable. Anyone can read into information & do some research online.

Why do we pray? To be strong, to have faith, to be at peace and to look for that role model that we can follow. As a Chinese, we have many gods. There are god of war (god that only fight wars), god of mercy (god that is benevolent & merciful), god of knowledge, god of happiness, god of wealth, etc etc. Do I pray to all of them? Yes, but I only follow a good role model – Dewi Kwan Yin. Why? I don’t want to follow Dewa Guan Yu (e.g.) because he is only good at killing. Or the God of Wealth, because then I will only think about accumulating wealth. I do not know exactly who is Dewi Kwan Yin but I did my research to at least know what she did to be a god of my role model. I know she doesn’t kill, she doesn’t rob and she doesn’t wage war. Is this true? I don’t know but from all the internet research that I did, there is never any bad article about her. Dewi Kwan Yin also has sutra (similar to the Quran or bible) which people like me can pray & chant too.

Even with my own god, I have faith & do research to understand better what is it about her. It follows the same process. First, I listen to what others are saying about her. Then I tried to understand and see if it fits me. I research about her life & what extraordinary miracles she has done and lastly when I have questions, I asked those who know more. If I have not done this, how do I know if I am praying to something that doesn’t really fit me? Worse….the devil.

If you do not have the courage to step out of your ‘comfort zone’ & start questioning, that only mean that you have not live up to what god has set out for you. We have brain. It is time to read, think & research.