One of my Toastmasters speech…


Last week, I went to a fortune teller by the roadside in Chinatown. Anyone wants to know what he said about me and my fortune?

For years, I’ve tried to seek the truth of life. I want to know if life is pre-determined or u can make it how u wan it to be? Heaven knows.

Fellow TM, Dear Guest.

In my quest to find the answer, I have read many books, talk to people, did numerous researches and even pay to learn this intriguing subject called destiny. The art of predicting future. Although it sounds incomprehensible to some, destiny research is one of the oldest study in the world and its different version can be found in all great civilizations, from Greece to India, Arabic to China. Today, I shall guide u through my research using this acronym – HISTS

HI for History. It is worth to note that the earliest study on destiny started as early as year 2000 BC in the Xia Dynasty. Those days, people who study destiny were recognized as distinguished scholars. In fact, government hired them as astronomers to chart stars & their movements & record its effect on human or earth. It is just in recent times that these functions are separated. Those who chart stars work for NASA, and those who try to record its effect are known as astrologist or fortune-tellers. Many real historical Chinese figures are said to have knowledge of this art. For instance, Zhuge Liang from the Romance of the 3 kingdom, Jiang Ziya the first PM of Zhou dynasty, Liu Bowen, a minister in the Ming Dynasty and of course, the great Confucius himself.

S for Science. It is believed that human are governed by unknown forces all around us. Notably, it is the sun, moon and 5 major planets surrounding Earth. Modern science has already proved the effect of these bodies on Earth. E.g. moon gravitional pull affect our ocean tides and solar flare from the sun affect our radio frequency. There are also studies on affects of other planets on earth and natural disasters, though it is still inconclusive. Now, if the moon is able to pull mass ocean towards it, what makes you think that it couldn’t do the same thing on the fluid in your body, thus affecting your hormonal secretion, emotions, personality, etc. Also, radio waves, brain waves and synapses in your joints. They are all electrical in nature. Solar flares can disrupt radio waves. It can also disrupt your brain waves and synapses affecting the way u think and act.

Unfortunately, these are still theories. Even with advanced technology, we are unable to measure the exact magnitude of these influences and how and when. During ancient times, when these theories are formed, lacking all the technologies we have now, researchers resort to observation and records. And in time, it evolved into a social statistical study on people and civilizations. Statistical method these days; 10 people smoking, 7 die of lung cancer. So, smoking caused lung cancer. Those days, 10 people born at 10am on the 8th of March 1523, 8 became wealthy. So, if u r born at this time & date, very likely, u will be wealthy. Same approach, just different subject. Now, researchers mark down the star chart pattern and extrapolate it to a future date. If u happen to be born at the particular time & date with this same pattern, u are very likely to be rich.

Ladies and gentlemen,

If you have been through all the research I have been, u will start to appreciate how in-depth this study can get and not everyone can get this right. Remember how this whole research has changed from a group of government funded full-time scholars to one guy with a stall by the roadside.

Destiny research is at best, what it is. A probabilistic study. There nothing superstitious, religious or mystified about it, no matter what they tell u.

Having higher chance of getting it, doesn’t mean that it is cast in stone. Even if you are supposed to be promoted, u will still need to work hard at getting it. O, the fortune teller told me that I will be promoted in 2011, and he is right. But I really did very work hard for it.