Recently, I was down with an infection. My eyes were bloodshot and both my knees & feet were swollen. I was unable to walk properly for the whole 3 weeks. Even as I am typing now, my knees still feel weak and not normal. But I could walk and move about at the start of this week. I was able to get back to work after 3 weeks of mc, thank god.

Well, what happened to me? I was diagnosed with poly-arthritis and was confirmed to have had inflammation in my joints. Blood tests were unable to reveal the exact virus/bacteria that cause this and I was perplexed for a while. Yet, I soon learn to let go and as I was recovering, I thought it is ok not to know the exact cause. Even the specialist was advising that there seemed to be no point in trying to determine the exact pathogens (virus or bacteria) since very likely my body has slowly got rid of them. As long as the symptom of another infection never re-occur.

So, from a medical perspective, how does one falls sick? Ever since the discovery of bacteria, the western medical community has agreed that human fall sick due to outside pathogens. And these pathogens can be virus, bacteria or fungus. A perfectly healthy human can fall sick the next day if some virus got into his body. The crux is how this particular virus got into our body. For normal sickness, e.g. common flu, the virus is air-born and thus can easily spread when someone with the virus sneeze into the air. If you are nearby and took a deep breath, then it is likely that the virus will get into your body through your nose. This is usually how ‘flu’ virus gets into our body. That’s why when we are outside, we must always stay away from people with flu, and if we have flu, we must do our best not to spread the virus to everyone, i.e. by covering our mouth when we sneeze. However, we shouldn’t be too paranoid with normal flu virus because they are always around and are not life-threatening. A more powerful ‘flu’ virus that can kill is the H1N1. That was what causes the epidemic in Hong Kong & Singapore. The bird-flu H1N1.

Perhaps you might ask, why can’t we kill the virus with medicine? The fact is, there is no medicine to kill virus. The only thing that can kill a virus, is our antibody. If so, what are the medicine that we have been taking all along? Well, most medicines given are only to relieve the symptoms that we get. For example, if you have flu, what do the doctor usually prescribed you? Panadol (or Aspirin), flu medicine & probably lozenges. Panadol is to relieve the headache you have. Flu medicine is to relieve the bad running nose and to reduce your phlegm congestion. Lozenges is to make your throat feels better. Most of the time, if I do have flu, I don’t take any medication because I can live with these symptoms. However, sometimes the running nose & phlegm can get so bad that it is advisable to take some flu medicine to help you get past the day.

What about antibiotics? What are these? Antibiotics are created specifically to kill bacteria or fungus. So, if you have a sickness which is caused by bacteria infection, it is ok to take antibiotics to kill them. However, I have to stress this. Antibiotics are harmful to human’s health. Everytime we take antibiotics, we sort of set a fire to burn everything inside us. And that includes all the good antibody & bacteria inside us. This weakens us and we will have to take a couple of weeks to nurse our health back. The last time I took antibiotics was 6 years ago. I do not believe in them and will avoid them if necessary. However, for life threatening bacteria infection, we have to take antibiotics. So, we must be rational about this. If you know your body and am very sure that it is just a simple infection, choose not to take antibiotics. The fact is, the antibody in our body will kill anything from virus to bacteria if you gave it a couple of days.

So, in the end, I never knew what infection I had but I did strongly suspect that it could be chikungunya. However, blood testing shows negative on that. My inflamed & swollen knees and feet are almost ok now, so I just hope this never happen again. This is a very strong virus/bacteria and it causes victims (like myself) unable to walk. It took a while for my antibody to fight it off (around one month), but as soon as they start to fight, I was slowly able to walk. So, the key is to have a very strong immune system, strong antibodies. There are many factors that we can rely on to have a strong immune system such as the food we eat, regular exercise, Qi flowing and good sleep. To be honest, as long as we are discipline and takes health as a priority, we should be healthy, most of the time…