Yi Shan Bu Neng Chang Er Hu  一山不能藏二虎

I was quite sick recently so I was off on mc for one day. I was lying on my bed that day and flashback of my life came. I recalled that throughout my life, I never seemed to be able to get along with people that possessed strong personality. I really can’t understand why. I mean, they are all good people, some with certain beliefs that I shared as well. During my university period, a couple of such people came along. They were my coursemates. Great as person as they were, we never turned into any best buddies or good friends. I only became close friend with other coursemate whom are a bit milder in personality. So did they.

That was because I myself had a strong personality as well. Certain beliefs I had in me, was so ingrained that it became my life motto. Something like life principles. To me, was the ultimate truth. There was no way I am going to compromise on them. For example, I believe that to be human is to live a purposeful life. That we should live with a goal in mind, not just aimlessly, without a plan. With this life motto, can you imagine what would happen when I am met with friends whom are just the opposite? They hated me because I am promoting something they are strongly against. Some of them had strong personality and went all out to fight my motto. This is where we clash.

“One Mountain Cannot Contain Two Tigers” literally means that in an area, there cannot be two very strong personality people leading. Just like in a mountain, there will only be one king, one leader. If there are 2 tigers (2 kings), you can be sure, they will fight it out. Either that or one of the tiger leaves that mountain.

O ya, there can be another outcome. It is where one of the tiger pretends to be ‘not-a-tiger’ for a while. This leads to the second part of another Chinese Idioms “Pretend to be a Pig, to eat the Tiger”. Look out for that in my other post 🙂