I had a very interesting discussion about karma with W. and so I thought it’s best for me to document this down quickly.

Karma, what is it? To me, it is nothing but the law on cause and effect. Karma states that everything happens for a reason, even though sometimes we do not see the reason yet (that doesn’t mean that there is no reason!). However, karma definitely has a bigger context to the basic law of cause & effect. It’s more than that. Below are some of karma’s law:-

– Everything happens for a reason

– Karma is beyond the time & order concept

– Karma goes beyond the boundary of individuals

Let us explore each of the statement above. Number 1. Although this sounded like a no-brainer, to be honest, not many people can accept this. Even on minor things like declared bankrupt. Perhaps that would be the trigger for something even greater in you or perhaps you are just not suitable to be wealthy as you will be propagating some awfully wrong life value.

Some Karma can be immediate while others need some waiting time. This is for in case if you have been wondering why some evil guy is still not getting his just dessert yet. Also, the order concept. Sometimes, the order of concept can be the other way round. It is not necessary to have a ’cause’ for an ‘effect’ to happen. It can also be an ‘effect’ happening first, then supplemented by its ’cause’. I know this is deep, but in science, this makes perfect sense. Recently, a group of scientist have already proven that if something can move faster than light, it can bend time itself (something like time-travel). Experiment detail below:-

A particle was shot out from point A into a vacuum tube and then came out from the tube to reach point B. When the particle was accelerated faster than light speed, to the amazement of the observers, the particle was recorded to have appeared coming out from vacuum tube to reach point B (first) and then followed by going from point A into the vacuum tube. How amazing is this? The particle actually time-travelled and go from vacuum tube to point B even before the source was shot, from point A. (I’m sorry if this gets too complicated for u, W)

Anyway, back to Karma. This can be used to explained why some people are hardworking, smart + kind and they became wealthy. From cause to effect. And yet, some people are not hardworking, not smart + not kind but they became wealthy. This is because effect happened first. What comes next, is the cause. After such people become wealthy, they need to realize this and start to work on the ’cause’. Whether it is for them to do kind deeds, to set-up non-profit organisation or just to work on that internal discipline of theirs….it is up to them. That’s why truly wealthy people will always give back to society. This is for their ’cause’.

There is no flaw in this universal truth, no matter how you view it. I know, many people (my family members included) do not understand this logic and argued that wealthy people can give back to society (charity) only because they are rich in the first place. Now, if you are thinking like this, I can almost assure you that you will not become rich. That is because your line of thought with regards to wealth is not in the right order. You think that to be wealthy is a ’cause’ and your life after will be an ‘effect’ of being rich. By thinking so, you will have no cause to be rich, because being wealthy is the first point. Most wealthy individual (before they gather enormous amount of wealth) already understood that to be wealthy is in fact, an ‘effect’. To be wealthy allows them to do something else that others can’t do. Something bigger than themselves, not just travel round the world, fine-dine or attend gala every night. That something bigger than themselves, is the ’cause’.

Last but not least, Karma goes beyond individual. This is to remind everyone that every deed that you do, its effect will be felt by others too. Notably, your close family members. Now, if you are doing corruption and causing a downfall to your country system, you are causing immense misery to your fellow countrymen. For such an act, should the payback does not befall on you (due to some reason), it will most definitely befall on your descendants (your kids or grandkids). How it will be meted out, I don’t know. You have been warned, hehe.

Right, this post is long enough. I have worked so long, my karma is to sleep now….zzz….