Ah, I guess this should be fairly straight-forward, despite the word-by-word translation. Something happened at work today that prompt me to write this. For one, I am not an advocator of this. In fact, sometimes, I detest this.

“Ting Tian You Ming” meaning to wait for something to happen. Although part of Chinese culture but I believe most people are abusing it at their own detriment. I truly believe the ancient Chinese created this to advise people who has already tried their best. Also, times have changed, as opposed to those days where human has not much control over their destiny. These days, we are suppose to be go-getter. To be motivated and get-out of that comfort zone. To try your best while you still can.

One of my colleague is an extremely comfortable creature. She always love to stay in her own comfort zone. That’s why she absolutely hated me sometimes because I am always advocating change, learning new things and just being motivated to do stuff. Don’t get me wrong. She is a hard worker and she does her job well. She just don’t want to do something else. Well, the story starts where one intern, looking for a job in our department kept surfing our website daily to see if we advertise any new openings. I thought that was silly and said she could have just called-in since she knows many people here, including the boss. Then my colleague argued that not everyone is like me and there is a proper way to things. Intern is not comfortable and close to anyone of us so she should not call. It’s all about being comfortable. I say, it’s all about being efficient and getting what you want.

Having said all these, I do still believe in this age old saying “Ting Tian You Ming”. Because no matter what you do, in the end, certain things are not up to you to decide. If it’s meant to be…  Still, that doesn’t mean you should just wait without trying. Hear that colleague?