Well, I just did a word by word translation of a Chinese saying “you shi you zhong”. 有始有终

I was always taught this since young. My mum always made sure that whatever I have started, I must strive to finish. In other words, do not give up halfway. One of the more important idioms that I learn. I recalled that I almost gave up trying to achieve a Taekwondo blackbelt when I was 15. Mostly, cause I was bored of it after doing it for a couple of years. But I was so near to getting it, just a one grade away. My mum insisted that I trudged along and complete it. It turned out that she was right. Till this day, I am appreciative of that push she gave me.

Getting a blackbelt was an achievement. Something you can be proud of. Something you can tell someone years later and still be honorable about. You do not tell someone, “hey, i learnt Karate and I was one level before blackbelt”. That is truly a non-achiever statement. The blackbelt that I have got was not as significant as compared to the sense of completeness and achievement. It made me believe in myself more. That I can work on something and eventually reach a stage of acknowledgement. It has become something that was ingrained in me and can never be taken away. Years later, having the same thought, I went on to achieve Competent Communicator in Toastmasters. It was a long 4 years commitments.

Hopefully, this can lead me to greater achievement, like becoming a director in my company or to be financially free at 40. Ah, on a shorter-term note, I do hope to see passive income from internet marketing.

Remember guys, “you shi you zhong”