I have never wanted to write a blog. Not because I don’t like it, but because I do not see the practical need of it. Occasionally I came upon others’ blog and do find something useful or of my interest. Yet, I am about to enter another stage of my life and I would like to make use of this powerful web storage for my future wife.

I will be getting married soon. However, unlike many, I am about to marry outside my race & religion. I am a Malaysian Chinese about to marry an Indonesian girl. But this blog is not about my love or marriage. I am fortunate to have my future wife willing to marry into a Chinese way of life. This blog is my way to aid her in understanding bits and pieces of it. The Chinese way of life.

I guess in every other race or religion, it is not common to have people marrying out of their own kind. In fact, for certain religion, this is forbidden (*gasp). Though, up till now, in my understanding of Chinese culture, there wasn’t any restrictive teachings that discourage us from marrying outside. Thus explained my decision, i guess. The Chinese upbringing is typically very closely-knitted (family-wise), so every extended family members was to know and be concern about each other (ideally). And from this, you can imagine how rumors and gossips could easily spread. I guess that is the only restriction to marrying outside. You meet your extended family members every once in a while (during Chinese New Year, Qing Ming, Mooncake festival, etc) and you can expect one or 2 of them being negative about not marrying a Chinese girl.

So, yeah. My only qualms now is really how others think, but then again, I promise her that I will overcome this as soon as I can 🙂